Getting Started Package

Getting Started Package



The Getting Started Package includes:

  • PRESS Intervention Manual, Third Edition

    A guidebook for data-based decision making and K-5 student interventions, covering the five essential components of reading instruction. The manual includes options for classwide and small group interventions.

    Key features of the third edition include:
    • Suggested enhancements for English learners embedded within each intervention
    • New interventions for English learners: a vocabulary preview and a dialogic reading intervention.
    • Expanded and revised section on Quality Core Instruction includes a survey and checklists for examining core literacy instruction in each pillar of reading as well as a coaching tool to help facilitate coaching conversations.
  • One year premium website access where you can download all PRESS assessments in addition to key decision making forms and additional intervention resources. You can also access video collections for ongoing learning and demonstrations of each intervention, webinars, and community forums for assistance with your implementation of PRESS.

  • 10% savings verses purchasing separately.

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