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IM4 is an application for all students (K-12) who are involved in intervention programming related to social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that serve as barriers to learning. The IM4 system has many ready-to-go interventions based on whether the student’s main problems of concern are due to a performance-deficit (won’t do or lack of will) and acquisition-deficit (can’t do or lack of skill).

Each intervention is coupled with an automated implementation-facilitation function, such as a step-by-step outline of the active ingredients, customizability progress monitoring tool that can be tailored case-by-case, and fidelity checklist to track the degree to which the intervention is delivered as planned. Also, there is a function to add Ad Hoc interventions and simply use the IM4 as an automated implementation aid to do planning, PM, graphing, fidelity check and decision making.

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